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“Tony is a responsible person who devotes himself to his jobs or tasks at hand. He donates his time to not-for-profits and other good causes to help others. His service as treasurer for SouthGate Ministries is invaluable to us. Without his participation and guidance we would not be able to provide the community with the services we do.” -Timothy Smith, Elder, SouthGate Ministries

“Anthony Colón was a member of the Board of Directors during my time as the Campaign Director for the United Way of the Valley and Greater Utica Area. He was the chair of the Nomination Committee and the Diversity Committee while I was employed by United Way. Anthony is a very strong community member, well known in this community and has great integrity in all dealings I've had with him. I would strongly recommend Anthony Colón.” -Myron Thurston III, Campaign Director, United Way of the Valley and Greater Utica Area

“Tony has never failed to get a job done, and has helped many with his caring, firm, and professional style. Tony works tirelessly to help achieve results unmatched in the field, and he give credibility to his profession with the follow through necessary to get a win-win.” - Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative - Mark DeSalvo

“Tony Colon has over 20 years experience as a Sales and Marketing professional including a multifaceted background with a track record of success at local, regional, national and international levels. Tony has embraced the ME, Inc philosophy and has leveraged the techniques in private practice for multiple industries and disciplines. The new "Renaissance Man" professional. Tony provides excellent consultative services including but not limited to: languages (3 foreign languages), cultures, human services and business development.  If you need someone to secure a client engagement there is no one better than Tony! The Mariano Rivera of business development...” -Rod Colon, President, Rod Colon Consulting

“As a court reporter, my exposure and knowledge of Tony is limited to his work as an interpreter of the Spanish language in court proceedings. He has been nothing short of professional and proficient in that arena. He is well respected and regarded by the bench and bar that he interacts with. I believe him to be a person of utmost integrity, who would bring that character trait to any endeavor he pursues.” -Valerie Jones, Senior Court Reporter, New York State Unified Court System

“Tony joined the executive board of the Revolutionary Trails Council, Boy Scouts of America, but not to boost his resume. Tony engaged in servent leadership as the Vice President of Marketing, immediately working to reinforce the Scouting image and role as a leader in youth development. He opened doors throughout the communities we served. He inspired his fellow board members with his infectious enthusiasm. Tony provided valued counsel to me in our strategic efforts to reach more youth and strengthen our partnerships with chartered partner organizations using the Scouting program to develop character, citizenship, personal fitness, and leadership in the youth served.  His strong Christian faith causes him to serve others without judgement but with compassion.” -Bob Myers, CFRE, CEO & Scout Executive, Revolutionary Trails Council, BSA


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