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In need of a professional Spanish Interpreter to help you communicate with a Limited English Proficient (LEP) client, friend, business partner or large group? You have reached the right place, TechnoLogic is a professional Spanish Interpreter and translator service provider. TechnoLogic offers competitively priced and easy on demand access to professional experienced Spanish translation and interpreting services.  

It doesn't matter if you are a department head that needs to coordinate interpreter services for a big event that include PowerPoint slides, a Lawyer that needs a Spanish interpreter for a legal deposition or a Doctor that needs to get a Spanish Medical interpreter for a emergency medical appointment. We have the right interpreter for the job. Our language service division is available 24 hours a day to respond to your request for professional Spanish interpreter services. TechnoLogic  will work closely with you to develop a cost effective solution to address your individual or organizations needs for professional Spanish interpreting services.

TechnoLogic is dedicated to helping you establish clear effective communication during your meeting, appointment or conference. We have the experience, to translate your services or benefits effectively to your non English speaking audience yielding satisfactory results.

Interpreters and Translators Confidentiality

When using TechnoLogic you will be guaranteed to received a experienced trained professional Spanish Medical interpreter that has been screened and understands the importance of cultural brokering. In addition to providing professional Spanish on-site medical interpreters. Our interpreters are bound by the interpreters professional code of ethics and are familiar with HIPAA regulations. You can rest assured that the your rights to confidentiality will be observed and protected. TechnoLogic understands that the delivery of quality interpreting services are focused around patient care.


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