Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Utica Mayor Elect Palmieri Name's "Quality of Life" Committee

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Community Affairs Specialist and Committee Co-Facilitator Gene Allen describes the Committee's main function is to identify key factors that influence quality of life in the City's neighborhoods. Issues that have a widespread negative impact on our community including illegal drug activities, nuisance properties, prostitution, and unauthorized dumping will be addressed. The Committee will also focus on codes enforcement, noise ordinance, and animal control. He also sated that these Quality of Life Indicators directly affect people’s perceptions of the City and that we need to create a pleasant and safe environment for people to live and work.

The Committee will convene at 6 PM on Wednesday, December 21 at the Utica City Hall Common Council Chambers to begin addressing the City's Quality of Life issues. An initial assessment is targeted to be prepared for the Mayor's review by the end of March.

Gene A. Allen Community Affairs Specialist
Craig Grant Community Coordinator – The HomeOwnership Center

Committee Members:
Frances Fraizer - Cornhill – Family Advocate Utica City School District
Mario Colon - Cornhill – Creative Director Hispanic Federation
Bill Phillips - Cornhill – Former 5th District Councilman
Lu Pway Doh - Cornhill – Volunteer to the Multi Ethnic Association of Burma

Lucretia Hunt - East Utica - GED Coordinator BOCES
Nedzad Fmajic - East Utica – Contractor
Ramo Libic - East Utica – Business Owner

Patrick Johnson - West Utica – Principal - New Life Institute
Robin Raabe - West Utica – Owner, Tramontane Cafe
Jim Zecca - West Utica – Common Council Member
Lori Washburn - West Utica – Resident

Gary Harvey - North Utica – Proctor Youth Construction Initiative
Nicholas Fazio - North Utica – Resident
Diane Carvel - North Utica – Resident

Tony Colon - South Utica – President at Techno-Logic Solutions, Inc..
Jeannette Spina - South Utica – Retired Teacher

John Catera - Founder Utica Landlord Association
David Cocomazzi- General Manager, Radisson Hotel Utica Centre

Student Representative - Thomas R. Proctor High School
Student Representative - Notre Dame High School


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